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Jen Graham is a dance artist, movement analyst, educator, and entrepreneur with a commitment to creating inclusive spaces through innovative and sometimes unconventional approaches. Believing that movement experience and conscious embodiment is the key to developing a strong sense of personal identity, connection to community, and creative voice, she encourages active engagement through exploration, investigation, and collaboration to cultivate creative, artistic, and theoretical depth.  Her dances play in the space that lives between narrative and abstraction, stirring the inner impulses of the human experience, and manifesting them through full physicality. 

Jen is the Owner and Director of Project C Studios, holds both a Bachelors and Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from the University of Maryland, as well as her Certification as a Movement Analyst from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies. Jen has taught, presented work, and performed extensively in the Baltimore/Washington region for over 15 years, and continues to actively create and present concert, commercial, and theatrical work locally and regionally at high school, collegiate, and professional levels. She has also bridged her work into developing and implementing leadership programs for a variety of applications, most recently the DeLeComm (Developing Leadership Communication) Program for Graduate and PhD Students in the Neuro and Cognitive Science Department at the University of Maryland. Jen currently teaches classes and lectures regularly at Project C Studios and the University.

As a committed advocate within the dance and movement education community, Jen has served in notable positions on the boards of the Maryland Council for Dance and Capitol Region Educators of Dance Organization, as well as within the University of Maryland School of Theatre, Dance, & Performance Studies. She continues to share her philosophy and artistic perspective in public & private institutions, schools, and arts organizations as a choreographer, guest artist, lecturer, and presenter.

Jen's Teaching Philosophy | My role as a movement educator is not only to train fully integrated agile bodies and minds, but also to facilitate the discovery and development of each student’s creative voice and personal process. Dance and movement practice cultivates knowledge not only of the body, but also within the body and from the body. As such, I provide a supportive environment in which I encourage the pursuit of curiosity, experimentation, and collaboration to promote self-directed learning, risk-taking, and synthesis. Grounding students in historical and cultural frameworks, I reinforce technical theory and physical application as a means of mastery and a process through which creation occurs – both by working within structure as well as testing and breaking structure. Students are thereby empowered through personal agency and choice – manifesting identity and the tools for adaptation, resilience, and growth.